How to make your home "fall-ready"
October 28, 2018

How to make your home "fall-ready"

Finally Fall is here! At least some of us will dare to say that!  I do for once say that at loud, don't understand me wrong, I'm totally not a fan of cold & rain, but I love to decorate, and fall and winter are so much fun ( decorating wise mostly). Endless possibilities in colors and patterns. Each year you can add or switch things around, without stretching your home budget.
Teacher Gift Guide - Handmade & Thoughtful Gifts Ideas
May 31, 2018

Teacher Gift Guide - Handmade & Thoughtful Gifts Ideas

The last day of school is around the corner, and it’s time to find thoughtful present for an educator who’s gone above and beyond will put a smile on their face.

Of course, first we would think of chocolate box or maybe a gift card. As much “universal” these might seem, for me they sound like “last minute” kind of gifts, or “who doesn’t like chocolate?”

But this year, why not think outside the box with your choices? It’s fun to get creative with gift giving by presenting her with something that’s a little bit more personalized to teacher tastes—that way, she’ll/he’ll know how much you appreciate her or his hard work, patience, and commitment to the job.

Spring Holiday Affordable Rustic Décor: Buy It Instead of DIY It
March 27, 2018

Spring Holiday Affordable Rustic Décor: Buy It Instead of DIY It

DIY Without the Sweat, Glitter or Curse Words: St Patty’s & Easter Rustic Decor 

One element of rustic interior design to love is when items look as if you created them with your own two hands. It takes us back to a time when one could sit at home finding creative ways to utilize the tools and materials around the house to liven up the surroundings. 

This nostalgia, or perusing Pinterest, may convince some out there between work, family, and/or school obligations (not to mention an unhealthy Netflix habit), you might be able to fit a random craft or two in there. Why not? 


October 09, 2017

Fall in love with these perfect fall-themed decorations!

I love fall: the crisp air in the mornings, pulling out my favorite pair of leather boots from the closet, long walks and jumping in piles of crunchy, colorful leaves. There’s nothing I enjoy more than wrapping my hands around a warm mug of tea as I read a book in my living room and watch the evening sunset arrive earlier and earlier each day. 


August 03, 2017

Mason Jars Wall Sconces -  A fresh way to add some color to your home

One of my favorite “treat yourself” things to do is to buy myself fresh flowers when I’m grocery shopping. Even a small bunch of tulips or sunflowers totally brightens up the kitchen or living room. The summer is a great time to take advantage of more affordable bouquets, while the flowers are in season. 

February 03, 2017

November 05, 2016

Being the host for Thanksgiving dinner is no small undertaking – it takes a lot of thought, preparation, and sometimes a good chunk of money. If you're not immediate family, it's nice to bring a small gift that either helps the host with the dinner, or is something special for him or her.



August 23, 2016

Rustic Cozy Fall Home Decor

This fall, bring the beautiful sights of the season into your home with fall decorations from Jarful House.

July 03, 2016

Christmas in July -20 % Off SALE

Purchase gifts for your loved ones early this year and save with our Christmas in July sale Enjoy 20% off on all our Christmas Decor!  


4th of July Facebook Giveaway
June 26, 2016

4th of July Facebook Giveaway

Visit our Facebook page for 4th OF JULY GIVEAWAY ! To win our 4th July  Home Decor 
all you have to do is like the giveaway post, share it and comment below the post ! 
Winner will be announce on Sunday 6/26/2016  



Welcome to Jarful House

Hello, my name is Jo Torija,
I am a wife to a wonderful husband Carlos and mom to two little Westies - Nelson & Stevie.
I am passionately frugal, and that is where my love of vintage and rustic decorating began. Over the past years I have learned that there are plenty of ways to create a home of style and class without breaking the bank, and that filling your home with unique treasures is much more satisfying than decorating from a catalog.




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