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Fall in love with these perfect fall-themed decorations!

I love fall: the crisp air in the mornings, pulling out my favorite pair of leather boots from the closet, long walks and jumping in piles of crunchy, colorful leaves. There’s nothing I enjoy more than wrapping my hands around a warm mug of tea as I read a book in my living room and watch the evening sunset arrive earlier and earlier each day. I love how fall brings all things cozy, as well as the excitement of upcoming holiday celebrations.

If you’re a fan of all things fall like me, my decorative jars are a perfect way to add a rustic, unique touch to your front porch at Halloween or to your table as a centerpiece at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece  


These decorative jars work well as a stand-alone piece, or paired with some seasonal flowers that grow in your area – sunflowers bloom in the late summer and early fall and bright orange mums match perfectly with your pick of pumpkins.  You could choose any variety for your fall floral arrangement, or you can stick to artificial flowers, which will last well past the first snowfall.


You could also pair the jars with a bunch of colorful leaves you find around your neighborhood, which is a fun activity kids can help with!

Spending time with family and friends over the holidays always reminds me of how grateful I am for them, and I often like to show my gratitude to my loved ones with a small gift. A set of 4 decorative jars that spells out “fall” would be a great housewarming gift for friends or a new family in your neighborhood. This set comes with a gift box and a seasonal greeting card. 

    Thanksgiving Gift Idea

 If you’re stumped for an idea of what to bring your host or hostess to thank them, these decorative jars or my popular Mason Jar Wall Scones easily compliment any fall décor and are a thoughtful and personal gift.


From pumpkin patches to the changing colors of the trees, I hope you enjoy the fall festivities.

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