Teacher Gift Guide - Handmade & Thoughtful Gifts Ideas

The last day of school is around the corner, and it’s time to find thoughtful present for an educator who’s gone above and beyond will put a smile on their face.

Of course, first we would think of chocolate box or maybe a gift card. As much “universal” these might seem, for me they sound like “last minute” kind of gifts, or “who doesn’t like chocolate?”

But this year, why not think outside the box with your choices? It’s fun to get creative with gift giving by presenting her with something that’s a little bit more personalized to teacher tastes—that way, she’ll/he’ll know how much you appreciate her or his hard work, patience, and commitment to the job.

If you know your kid teacher is very specific about the cup of joe she brings into the classroom every day, instead of the regular mug-and-beans set, look for a unique brew or a techy mug that keeps coffee extra warm.

          Shop Best TEAcher Mug at Totally Teacher       


Rustic Tumbler by Lilac Pearl Designs  


If your kid teacher has already cool mug how about crochet coaster in fun shape like an apple or a cat? Check MonikaDesign shop for more fun and colorful coasters.



We should also remember Teachers are people like everyone else, with individual styles and preferences.  If you know a teacher very well and you get to know her tastes, try something from jewelry shelf.  

Super cute mint green beaded hoops by Mik’s Jewelry Shop



How clever is this bracelet? Whoo's the Best teacher by Enchanted Anthem


Rustic Styled cuff by Chatter by Hammer


Another great idea are everyday use kitchen items, like Pot Holder or funny Kitchen Towels. As an adult we all know these kitchen items are always handy and no matter how many we have, they have magical way of disappearing, so it’s always good idea to get another one!

Here are some great examples of kitchen linen gift ideas for teacher:

Pot Holders by Cynthias Gift Boutique


Funny Kitchen Towel by CellarCo


My favorite gift idea are rustic decorations that can be use at home or at the classroom. These items are not only pleasing to the eye but also very useful in everyday teacher task.   

Another great find by Totally Teacher  Wooden Sign “Teaching is a work of heart”


Pallet frame by Nature's Vista Photography can be used in so many ways. Teacher can use it to display family photo, or letter or word of the day in their class.

Jarful House has also offers something decorative and useful for your favorite Teacher. This set of 3 pint size jars spelling “ABC” are perfect addition to any classroom. Standing alone on the self can bring some colors or with pencils and pens making excellent deck organizer. We offer these in 3 colors: red, navy blue or black. However, if you are looking for other color not mentioned before, just contact us and we will be happy to customize it for you.


Gift for Teacher – Pencil Holder – Desk Organizer by Jarful House


Most important of all, make sure you thank them. Teachers are the one who helping kids to achieve more. They support their students in and out of the classroom, inspire students to reach for the stars and be honorable, intelligent, and kind human beans.





Awesome! Very creative i like the design especially the glass containers. I do have lots of jars at home planning now to make cute designs like yours thanks for sharing. Visit more here https://infinityjars.com/

Megan Jenson

Megan Jenson said:

These are all so beautiful and thoughtful indeed!

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