Itsy Bitsy Spider Coconut Wax Melts - Spooky Halloween Scented Delights

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Elevate your Halloween celebrations with our enchanting "Itsy Bitsy Spider" Coconut Wax Melts. Crafted in captivating spider shapes, these exquisite wax melts add an element of spookiness to your ambiance. Colored in a striking combination of white and black with a mesmerizing shimmer of sparkling mica, they are an ideal choice for setting the Halloween mood.

Infused with a bewitching blend of scents, our "Itsy Bitsy Spider" Coconut Wax Melts bring forth an aromatic symphony that encompasses the essence of the season. Experience the delightful aroma of zesty Orange Peel, earthy Walnut, golden Honey, succulent Plum, creamy Butter, rich Vanilla, sweet Sugar, and warm Cinnamon. These carefully curated scents intertwine to create an inviting atmosphere that lingers in the air, adding an extra layer of enchantment to your Halloween festivities.

Hand-poured with precision and made from premium coconut wax, these wax melts promise a clean and even burn, ensuring you enjoy the captivating fragrances to the fullest. Whether you're hosting a Halloween party, decorating your home, or simply seeking a unique and aromatic experience, our "Itsy Bitsy Spider" Coconut Wax Melts are the perfect choice.

Illuminate your space with the essence of Halloween magic and create memories that linger long after the festivities end. Embrace the spirit of the season with our exceptional coconut wax melts – a perfect blend of spooky and sensational. Get yours today and make this Halloween an unforgettable sensory journey!

Middle: Walnut, Honey, Plum, Butter
Base: Vanilla, Sugar, Cinnamon
Color: White & Black with glitter (mica)
Shape: Spider

These lovely wax melts are hand-made with coconut wax. Set of 6 spiders s weights approximately 3 oz.( each approx. 0.5 oz ) Please remember these melts are hand poured and slight variations are considered normal.

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