Farmhouse Wall sconces | Wall Hangings With mason jars

$ 74.99

This set of two rustic mason jars sconces will make a beautiful addition to your country home decor

Picturing the perfect wall in your home for this set of hanging sconces? Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home, cabin or cottage with these hand painted and distressed mason jars.

The features of this set include:
* Hangs from an ornate black decorative hanger
* Includes two hand painted, distressed Ball mason jars
* Jute rope is used to hang the sconces
* Wood is stained a gray and measures 14” tall and 5.5” wide.
* A sturdy saw-tooth hanger is fastened into the back.

Please note:
Flowers are not included with this product.

Cleaning and Care Instructions:
Clean with a damp cloth only, not dishwasher safe and do not immerse in water. Inside is not painted for use with water/hand cut flowers

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  • 3 questions:: Can i hang these farmhouse wall sconces outdoors..? Will the jute rope last if i hang outside or will weather tear up the jute. I live bucks county pennsyl. We have Mild winers Are both mason jars made of glass .?

    These are great questions. Those sconces are made of pinewood, stained and unsealed, and for that reason, they can not be hung outdoors. Jars are made of glass and painted in chalk, base water paint and also not sealed. This is another reason I would not recommend hanging those out. Yes, winters might be very harsh as well as our humid summers.



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